Naturally healing Life Energy should be an active part of us. But as modern life moves us away from nature, we are cut off from that energy.

Whether for personal or professional use, our toolkit classes call upon the metaphysical qualities of natural objects to aid healing and insight.

  •  Natural Crystals and Stones – Each crystalline structure has its own unique qualities and energy expression. When placed within our energy field, they contribute to our protection, healing and well-being. We naturally attune ourselves to the vibrations of the stones and thereby activate those energies within ourselves. Learn more about Crystal class
  • Dowsing – By working with the energy of thought, dowsers can divine the internal and external influences and conditions. Working with a Y-rods [divining rods] or pendulums, they can locate water, lost items or get assistance to clear any issues. Dowsing uses are only limited by our imaginations. Learn more about Dowsing class

Tool Kit Class Schedule

Class NameClass DateClass TimeClass Fee
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1pm to 5pm $75
Natural Crystals and Stonestbd
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1pm to 6pm$105