This training provides the knowledge and experience required for you to help people use their natural capacity to regulate their emotions, both in the moment, they are experiencing a stressful emotion, and afterwards, when the person is not overwhelmed by an emotion, but wishes to permanently regulate an emotional patterns (e.g. phobias, anxiety, inhibitions, irritability, depression, and any other stressful emotional reaction).

The successful completion of the full Tipi Pro training course is an absolute necessity to help people regulating their emotions in a counseling/therapy setting. Tipi Pro is targeted primarily at healthcare and personal development professionals.

The course applies innovative teaching methods to equip a small group of participants in a condensed amount of time with the skills and knowledge required to practice emotional regulation professionally.

The Tipi Professional curriculum includes

  • 3 hours of personal one-on-one training through Skype (Module 1)
  • Followed by 7 days, spread over 3 modules. The remaining Modules 2-4 are taught in person to groups of 6-10 students. Class locations vary from private homes to public meeting facilities.

Benefit and support beyond Certification (Module 4)

  • Learn how to teach people how to regulate their own emotions in real-time. This 2 day training is free and available only to certified professionals.
  • Free Quarterly meet ups for certified professionals.

Class Topics

Module 1

  • Individual Skype sessions (3 hours)
    1 hour + 2 hours

You will learn how to regulate your own emotions and how to help other people regulate theirs when they are experiencing stressful emotions in the moment (Direct Emotional Regulation).

Before learning how to practice Deferred Emotional Regulation in the later modules (when the emotion has passed), it is critical to first learn how to regulate emotions in situation for yourself and for others.

This module consists of some theory followed by a series of practical role-plays to help you appropriate and integrate the approach.

Module 2

Deepen and validate your practice of Emotional Regulation in the moment of an emotion, and learn to regulate emotions at anytime.

  • 3 days, in a classroom setting

In this module you will develop and deepen your practice of Direct Emotional Regulation ‘in situation’ on others (when the person is experiencing an emotional difficulty) and we will lay the foundation for Deferred Emotional Regulation (when the person is no longer experiencing the emotion).

A pre-requisite to this module is completion of at least 10 real-time emotional regulations on other people.

This module consists of some theory followed by a series of role-plays and real-life sessions between participants structured to deepen participants understanding of the proce

Class Registation

Tipi Professional Classes in the US

or contact us at or 415 732 9392.

To optimize the smooth running of each module, registration deadline is one month prior to the start date of the module.