A two-part training (2 x 1 hour, a few weeks apart)

Emotional Resolution for Yourself, by Yourself – Self-EmRes

The Emotional Resolution (EmRes) protocol for individuals is a process to accurately access sensory memories during an emotional event.  It is more how to connect successfully with the emotion rather than a therapy that requires in-depth knowledge and extensive technical expertise.

Class Topics

During the first hour of training, our focus is on the Emotional Resolution itself, with examples and explanations.  Participants will be able to self-resolve their emotional difficulties in the moment as and when they arise.

A break between classes allows participant to practice, practice, practice. Experience will help them discover what they missed in first training and where they need refinement.

The second hour of training focuses on what worked and what didn’t work, and why. Participants will learn how to refine their own work and learn from others’ shared experiences.

Learn to Resolve Your Unwanted Emotion is immediately usable to all individuals that attend this short and easy training.

Class Fee

This is offered at a nominal fee to cover room rentals.  Check schedule for pricing.

We offer this information as a service to our community.

Class Times/Location   

see schedule on the SLS Class Schedule page

Class Registration

No registration is necessary!  just come to the class.