Reiki: Usui Method of Natural Healing 

Reiki is the nickname of the Usui Method of Natural Healing. Mikao Usui developed this spiritual practice in Japan in 1922 and it as since been adopted and adapted by teachers of many traditions around the world.

At Shining Light School, the Usui Natural Healing Method series of classes follows the tradition laid down by Hiroshi Doi, student of Mikao Usui.

First Degree Reiki

Beginning students receive an introduction and initial opening to Reiki energy, with emphasis on self-practice and sessions with others. Learn more about First Degree Reiki

Second Degree Reiki

Serious students deepen thier understanding by learning advanced techniques, the Level 2 symbols and distance and past/present/future healing. Learn more about Second Degree Reiki

Third Degree Reiki

The Master-Teacher level is a special calling to this revered practice. It includes Master symbols, teaching and giving attunements. 
Learn more about Third Degree Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki comes from two words: Rei meaning Universal and Ki meaning Life Force. Practitioners are Attuned to the Reiki Energy then Trained to work with and transfer Universal Energy through the palms for self-healing and a state of equilibrium.

Reiki feels like the best massage you’ve ever had…without all the rubbing! — Sue Siebens

Most commonly used for stress reduction, Reiki triggers the para-sympathetic nervous system to take over, allowing the recipient to release the fight-or-flight response and promote healing. During a session, the recipient remains clothed and the practitioner’s hands are placed near or lightly touching various parts of the body, including areas around the head, shoulders, stomach, legs, and feet. Reiki energy flows from the practitioner’s hands and into the recipient’s physical body and energy field. Most recipient report feelings of relaxation, peace and well-being. Recipients often fall asleep during a session. Sessions can last from ten minutes to more than an hour, depending upon available time.

The popularity of Reiki in hospitals has been largely driven by requests from patients and by nurses and doctors who have experienced its value. They report that Reiki reduces stress, decreases the amount of pain medication required, improves sleep and appetite, and accelerates the healing process. It has also been reported to reduce many of the unwantedside effects of radiation and drugs, including chemotherapy.

Reiki Class Schedule

Class NameClass DateClass TimeClass Fee
Reiki IMar 14, 20209am to 5pm$111
Reiki IInext class coming soon9am to 5pm$222
Reiki IIIBy invitation only, Reiki II at Shining Light School Required.$333