As teachers and educators, we aspire to the highest order of integrity and ethics.

As practitioners of the material we teach, we share the truths that were passed on to us and truths that we learned our selves, in our own life or in the clinic.

Sue Siebens
Shining Light School Founder and Senior Instructor

Sue is excited to share methods and techniques of healing and transformation with individuals, who just want to help their family and friends, and practitioners, who are looking for effective techniques for their toolbox. She has taught natural and complimentary healing classes for over 7 years. Sue constructs her classes so that they are fun and interactive, including lots of hands-on practice.

“I am continually delighted and amazed at how energy work can relax the body. In reflex the parasympathetic network guides us toward easing anxiety and discomfort, promoting a lasting healing response.” – Sue Siebens

In her private practice, Sue has worked with a mixed clientele in her office, hospitals, special care facilities and client’s homes.  She has helped young children with stomach and headache issues due to stress, cancer hospice clients in their last hours and many physical and emotional situations in between.

  • Bachelor of Science in Zoology
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, Texas
  • TiPi Professional
  • Bowen Therapy, Registered Practitioner and Associate Instructor
  • Reiki, Master/Teacher
  • Quantum Touch, Certified Practitioner and Level I Instructor
  • Modern Shamanism, Practitioner
  • Crystology, Crystal Healer