Emotional Regulation using TiPi is a protocol designed to invoke your natural capacity to permanently regulate emotional difficulties that affect your behavior, relationships, body and peace of mind.

Regulating Emotions

Every emotion presents to us as a unique set of physical sensations in our body.

These sensations are information about what is going on around us: are we in danger?, are we safe?, are we frustrated?, We feel all this in our body. And our body has a natural capacity to regulate all emotions.

After receiving these sensations, it only takes a few seconds for our body to metabolize the physical sensations, which neutralize the somatic and emotional response.

But when the event is too intense to be assimilated, a type of amnesia occurs that prevents emotional regulation by the body and a sensorial imprint remains in the body. Future situations that trigger the unregulated emotion often create havoc in our lives today.

When we simply pay attention to the physical sensations present at that time and observe them change until they dissipate, the emotion is resolved permanently.

Luc Nicon (French Researcher) discovered a natural, biological capacity for complete Self Emotional Regulation. This physiological capacity is available to all of us at the moment we feel an emotion. Thru Luc, the TiPi association designed several protocols that allow adults and teenagers to invoke their natural physiological capacity during an emotional event.

Emotional Freedom for All 

A two-part training (2 x 1 hour, a few weeks apart)

Learn to invoke your natural capacity for emotional regulation during an emotional event.

Learn more about Emotional Freedom for All

Professional Training

8 days (Skype + 3 weekends)

Learn the Tipi developed protocols for use with clients and patients – during or recalling moments of emotional distress.

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Emotional Regulation using TIPI Class Schedule

Class NameClass Date/TimeInstructor/LocationIf applicable, NON-ShiningLightSchool Registration Link
Emotional Freedom For All, Part 1 of 2tbdSue Siebens
North Dallas
Emotional Freedom For All, Part 2 of 2tbdSue Siebens
North Dallas
Professional Training, Level 1 (Modules 1 & 2)Level 2 dates: Feb 8-10, 2019, 9am-5pmCedric Bertelli, Director of Tipi, USA

Level 2 location: Hillcrest/Arapho, Dallas, Tx
Registration via Cedric:
cedric.bertelli@tipi.life or 415 732 9392

Direct Link for class fees and registration: https://bit.ly/2Nxj9ek

Feel the freedom as you resolve emotional blocks that are holding your back.