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We live in this wonderful intricate devise that has multiple levels and dimensions. It is comprised of our physical body – the hardware, the physiology – mechanisms that operate it-the software, the design templates and forms – our energy bodies and the owners manual – our connection to consciousness and oneness with the universe. They are all delicately interrelated and work in response and in concert with each other.

When working on their own without interference, our bodies and experiences provide us a happy, healthy, pain-free existence.  When happenings and events disturb our bliss, the injury can be addressed by a myriad of treatments and technique.  Never before have we been presented with so many choices, some from our own cultural context and options from other cultures and sources. 

All forms of healing whether traditional, complementary or alternative have an impact on our every level.

At Shining Light School we offer a collection of techniques of tools that we believe has the best impact and effectiveness.  We provide healers and caregivers with methods and strategies to help their clients, family and friends.  We enable everyone to take better care of themselves.

Learning to heal yourself and others can be as natural as opening your hand to receive it.

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Classes and Workshops

Our class topics reach across the wide expanse of human experience and the difficulties that arise on our journey. When we link this knowledge together, we expose the inner workings that connect our living systems into a cohesive complex.  

Emotional Regulation using TIPI

Emotional Regulation means to “handle” your emotions when you have them; either to “control” the emotion so that you don’t overreact, or to work on yourself, resolve your issue(s) so that you don’t have the emotion any more.

TIPI has provided specific protocols to navigate your emotions in the moment you are having them, thus eliminating them altogether in a 2 sec to 2.5 minute process.

Learn more about Emotional Regulation using TIPI

Reiki -Usui Method of Natural Healing

Originally used as a technique of self-healing,  Reiki has become a popular method for energy body/chakra clearing and spiritual connection.  Reiki practitioners channel healing energy thru their bodies and out their hands which are then applied to themselves or others to affect a soothing calmness that lifts the spirit and calms the pains and sufferings in the body.

Reiki students at each level start with an attunement or blessing given by the Reiki Master-Teacher and it trained on the specific skills received with lecture and hands-on practice.

Learn more about Reiki classes

Bowen Technique

Bowen Therapy, or Bowenwork, is a technique that works directly with the fascia and muscles of the body. Usually, the client lays on a massage table and the practitioner makes small rolling moves over the muscles, using the skin, on specific stress releasing locations on the body.  Then the body is allowed to rest for a short period – facilitating a re-balancing of tension and muscle tone.  Bowenwork is highly effective in creating an integrated healing response on structural and energetic levels.

Bowenwork Practitioners can use their skills for a professional Bowen therapy-only practice or just to help their friends and family.  

Learn more about Bowenwork

Took Kit Classes

Whether for personal or professional use, our toolkit classes call upon the metaphysical qualities of natural objects to aid healing and insight.

  •  Natural Crystals and Stones – Each crystalline structure has its own unique qualities and energy expression. When placed within our energy field, they contribute to our protection, healing and well-being. We naturally attune ourselves to the vibrations of the stones and thereby activate those energies within ourselves. 
  • Dowsing – By working with the energy of thought, dowsers can divine the internal and external influences and conditions. Working with a Y-rods [divining rods] or pendulums, they can locate water, lost items or get assistance to clear any issues. Dowsing uses are only limited by our imaginations. 

Learn more about Tool Kit Classes

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Class Schedule

Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Learning about Energy, our Energy Bodies and how to use energy to affect change in your daily life will create wonderful blossoms of delight. This journey will lead to wonderful discoveries of healing and growth.

Don’t miss out on these opportunities to expand your toolbox!

If your class isn’t scheduled, contact us. We schedule classes if there is interest!

Our Schedule is full of easy to learn natural healing methods

Emotional Regulation using TIPI Class Schedule

Class NameClass Date/TimeInstructor/LocationIf applicable, NON-ShiningLightSchool Registration Link
Emotional Freedom For All, Part 1 of 2tbdSue Siebens
North Dallas
Emotional Freedom For All, Part 2 of 2tbdSue Siebens
North Dallas
Professional Training, Level 1 (Modules 1 & 2)Level 2 dates: Feb 8-10, 2019, 9am-5pmCedric Bertelli, Director of Tipi, USA

Level 2 location: Hillcrest/Arapho, Dallas, Tx
Registration via Cedric: or 415 732 9392

Direct Link for class fees and registration:

Reiki Class Schedule

Class NameClass DateClass TimeClass Fee
Reiki ISat Sept 29, 20189am to 5pm$111
Reiki II$222
Reiki III$333

Bowenwork Class Schedule

Class NameClass DateClass TimeClass Fee
Introduction to Wellness in Your HandsOct 13, 20181pm to 6pm$95

ToolKit Class Schedule

Class NameClass DateClass TimeClass Fee
Natural Crystals and Stonesnot scheduled, get the list for the next class1pm to 6pm$105
Dowsingnot scheduled, get the list for the next class1pm to 5pm$75